Browse the gallery of limited edition prints by Victoria Peterson Laird. Golden Retrievers are our favorite breed, and I have done many Golden Retriever portraits. Contact me to purchase prints at $35 each, or three for $100. Shipping is $10 total, no matter how many you order.

Looking to have a custom portrait painted? Prices start at $175 for an 11″ x 17″ pastel portrait. Learn more »

Interested in illustrated children’s books? Victoria Peterson Laird is the artist/author of the Retrieving Adventures! series. The first book, Retrieving Adventures! Lincoln and Nicholas Go to Alaska, was released on November 30, 2015.

Art merchandise by Victoria Peterson Laird is available on my Zazzle store. Original art of dogs, horses, cats and wildlife was created in pastel and watercolor. Many designs feature Golden Retrievers, Afghan Hounds, Labradors, Kerry Blue Terriers, Shelties, German Shepherds, and other breeds.